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Integrative Holistic BioChemistry Dietary Supplements .

Sycamore Lyfe

Why do over 75% of the people who use our products re-order again ?

Because they WORK !

Most nutritional supplements you take aren’t designed to work in a complementary fashion with your existing body chemistry. And so the health benefits they deliver, if any, are severely limited.

Sycamore Lyfe has a Patented line of “orthomolecular” nutrients. With orthomolecular science, the molecules in your nutrients work synergistically with the molecules already in your body. By doing so, our orthomolecular compounds enhance your own body chemistry to achieve a new level of health and wellness not possible without these supplemental molecules. Look at each products website and watch our videos.

We believe so much in what we do that we Patent everyone of our Formulas.

Most of the “ Vitamins / 93% / Supplements “ in the market place are not Patented.

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